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Perlan Merith (revised) by ShadowTale Perlan Merith (revised) :iconshadowtale:ShadowTale 3 0 Spidertroll ::::) by ShadowTale Spidertroll ::::) :iconshadowtale:ShadowTale 1 0 Princess Whooves by ShadowTale Princess Whooves :iconshadowtale:ShadowTale 0 1 What Am I Even Doing With My Life by ShadowTale What Am I Even Doing With My Life :iconshadowtale:ShadowTale 0 2 Heinoustuck Perlan by ShadowTale
Mature content
Heinoustuck Perlan :iconshadowtale:ShadowTale 1 1
Female Andrew by ShadowTale Female Andrew :iconshadowtale:ShadowTale 1 0 Diamond by ShadowTale Diamond :iconshadowtale:ShadowTale 0 0
My First Fanfic! Please Read
 He was dying.
  There was no denying it anymore. He had 
lost the use of both of his legs and he was positive most of his vital organs had shut down. He could have given up, just lay down and let the poison take its effect. The TARDIS would simply stop repairing the damage she had sustained and they could die together, an old couple passing peacefully. He could, that is, had it not been for the fact that Amy and Rory were still in mortal danger. Pain shot through his body for hundredth time that evening, thanks to the lovely poison.
  The Doctor was very aware of how foolish he must look as he dragged himself out of the TARDIS and towards his dear friend's miniature prison. Thankfully, he didn't care about how he looked at that point. Just as thankfully, there wasn't anyone around to see. Except, perhaps, for HER.
  A wave of hate washed over him as he cast a glance towards Melody. Look at her! Her parents and childhood friends were about to die, and she just
:iconshadowtale:ShadowTale 6 21
Timey-Wimey Stuff
The following is a story about one of the Doctor's adventures. However, it will be told simultaneously in multiple alternate universes. Each one will be marked with a different symbol to tell them apart. Sometimes two will play out the same way at the same time.
~/& 8:45 am, London, Saturday
 Jeremy Howards hurried down the street, late for work for the second time that month. The streets were crammed with pedestrians and there was an enormous traffic jam in the street. As he walked toward the corner and waited for the light to turn so he could cross the road, he saw a young man, maybe 18 or so, approach him. The teenager's eyes were glued on his music player, and Jeremy could hear the music coming from his headphones from where he was standing. The boy got to the corner before him, but kept walking oblivious of the cars. As he wandered into the street, one car came to an abrupt halt, and the taxi behind it swerved to avoid collision. Jeremy became aware of a small,
:iconshadowtale:ShadowTale 1 0
Ghost Dust is Coming to Town by ShadowTale Ghost Dust is Coming to Town :iconshadowtale:ShadowTale 1 2
Death of Tenth
A knock four times,that's all it took
For my mercy to be written in time like words in a book
I fought with love,with strength,and with care
And I thought I had escaped a fatal scare
And maybe the Time Lords would leave me be
So I could finally be free
But my hearts were too big and my ego too small
To let go and ignore a friend's needing call
But I've left on my own terms,and have done so with pride
And in the kind actions of others my memory shall reside
From that first Christmas in London to Time's final End
It's been fun and I've cherished every friend
Although now I feel that I must confide
I don't want to go,but I've had a nice ride
After all this time,my heart has been maimed
But in the end my reward I have claimed
Martha,Donna,Rose,and Jack,too
It's a shame there is still so much more I could do
But now I can rest,for I have righted many wrongs
And while my song may be over,the story goes on.
:iconshadowtale:ShadowTale 2 3
Darkness is nothing but an invitation
For those brave enough to take it
Not a horrible, painful trial
For only the strong enough make
Not a place for horror or fear
But an open door or untold story
For those willing hear
So while the cowards run and hide under their bed
And make problems inside of their own heads
The strong stand ready
And the ready stand strong
At the edge of the forest
Because now it isn't long
The only monsters are of your own creation
Because darkness is nothing but an invitation
:iconshadowtale:ShadowTale 0 0
LIIIIICK by ShadowTale LIIIIICK :iconshadowtale:ShadowTale 0 5 John Simm Epic Anger Face by ShadowTale John Simm Epic Anger Face :iconshadowtale:ShadowTale 0 0 I Don't Even Know by ShadowTale I Don't Even Know :iconshadowtale:ShadowTale 0 0 Loki by ShadowTale Loki :iconshadowtale:ShadowTale 1 3


Derpy's Cutie Mark Story by ShwiggityShwah Derpy's Cutie Mark Story :iconshwiggityshwah:ShwiggityShwah 1,028 291 Square Series - Dr. Whooves by SpainFischer Square Series - Dr. Whooves :iconspainfischer:SpainFischer 1,108 42 The Clockwise Time Lord by saturnspace The Clockwise Time Lord :iconsaturnspace:saturnspace 1,865 115 Chinese Zodiac by Neolucky Chinese Zodiac :iconneolucky:Neolucky 22,476 1,066 SPOILER- You said it was looking at you funny. by inkandstardust SPOILER- You said it was looking at you funny. :iconinkandstardust:inkandstardust 112 5 SPOILER - You're Nuts by inkandstardust SPOILER - You're Nuts :iconinkandstardust:inkandstardust 110 4 SPOILER - Faulty Tardis by inkandstardust SPOILER - Faulty Tardis :iconinkandstardust:inkandstardust 135 4 SPOILER - Little Daleks by inkandstardust SPOILER - Little Daleks :iconinkandstardust:inkandstardust 171 5 SPOILER - Not in the Name of the Doctor by inkandstardust SPOILER - Not in the Name of the Doctor :iconinkandstardust:inkandstardust 262 15 SPOILER - Clara by inkandstardust SPOILER - Clara :iconinkandstardust:inkandstardust 239 4 Regeneration by Saimain Regeneration :iconsaimain:Saimain 2,431 216 Come Along, Pond by Saimain Come Along, Pond :iconsaimain:Saimain 1,710 87




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United States
my main obsessions are Doctor who,My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic,Futurama,Homestuck,the Colbert Report,Sherlock Holmes,and House. I think my art is a reflection of this. I do a lot of random stuff that doesn't make a lot of sense,ocs,and some serious biz. ok! Have fun!


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